Nearly?2.5 million people die every year?in the US. About 240,000 in California. Some 60,000 in LA county. Almost 250 of those were on hospice service with Comfort Choice Hospice Care in 2018. In this context, 250 doesn’t really seem like a lot. However, when you?ve known the person, just 1 death can be too much. And when that one person is your parent, or sibling, or spouse, or child, or friend, it can take the remainder of a lifetime to accept.


Comfort Choice Hospice Care offers this Remembrance Luncheon as one way to help you come to terms with and accept the permanent change in your relationship with your loved one. This opportunity to publicly honor the memory of someone who has meant so much to you will provide an outlet for your grief, a layer of support from others who understand your pain, and a chance for you to grow and heal.


Click on the registration button below?and let us know you will be joining us. We promise you an unforgettable experience as we all honor your unforgettable loved one.